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Electromobility with Terluran® GP-22, Novodur® H701 and Novodur® HH-106

INEOS Styrolution’s ABS materials selected by automotive company NIO for the model ES8

NIO, a global entrepreneurial automobile manufacturer, whose “mission is to shape a joyful lifestyle by offering premium smart electric vehicles and providing the best user experience”, is focused on developing electrical and electric autonomous vehicles. The company, headquartered in Shanghai, selected INEOS Styrolution’s ABS materials for applications such as door panel, mirror housing and B-pillar.

Door panel
Terluran GP-22, a grade known for its good impact resistance, great mechanical strength and rigidity and a high quality surface finish and gloss, has been selected as a key component in the ES8’s door modules.

Mirror housing
Novodur H701, a grade from INEOS Styrolution’s High Heat product family, has been selected for the mirror housing. The grade is popular for its heat resistance, high impact strength and easy flowing.

Novodur HH-106, another member of the High Heat product family, was chosen for the B-pillar of the model ES8. Novodur HH-106 excels with a balanced property profile making it the material of choice for a wide range of automotive applications.