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Interior seating parts and lower seat trims made of Novodur® and Terblend®

Automotive interior applications, such as door and seating parts and lower seat trims require different characteristics from the material of choice. INEOS Styrolution offers a range of materials to meet all kinds of needs these applications have. Novodur H605 or H801 and Terblend N NM 21-EF are the most suitable options for dark-coloured, low-gloss seat trims. These grades can be matched according to OEMs colour specifications and UV-stability requirements. The brighter colours, such as beige or light gray, may require the use of a more UV-stable material like Terblend S NM-31.


Back seat trims made of Terblend S NM-31

The Terblend S product line comprises blends of ASA with polyamide and is especially suitable for customers looking for a cost-effective solution with excellent impact strength and chemical resistance. The grade offers a matte surface finish that does not need painting. Thanks to its outstanding UV resistance and light weight, the grade is suitable for light colour designs and parts, which are bigger in size; allowing good part filling.


Lower seat trims and seating parts made of Terblend N NM-21EF and Novodur H801

A premium automobile manufacturers are looking for a low-emission grades with high heat resistance and impact strength that allow post-operations such as foaming and gluing. In addition, the material needs to offer a low-gloss surface without painting. The Terblend N NM-21EF combines excellent impact strength and chemical resistance, while reassuring energy efficiency during production. It offers easy flow (high melt flow) and good acoustic dampening. The grade provides all the features and functionalities needed for lower seat trims. Novodur H801 is a PC modified high heat injection moulding grade with high impact strength and reduced emissions and is well suited for seating parts.