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Luran® S wins Automotive Brand Contest 2018

Luran S is an ASA polymer that has become the material of choice for front grills of cars around the world. In 2018, the material became a winner in the Automotive Brand Contest.

Years ago, Luran S was approved by leading European automotive premium brands for new front grill designs. First iconic grills were developed soon afterwards. Today, the material is used by manufacturers around the world. Recent examples include a grill developed by the Chinese manufacturer Changan, by Peugeot and by Hyundai. Other examples include a range of European premium automotive manufacturers as well as automotive OEMs in the Americas.

Today, Luran S and the hot stamping technology are available for cars of all sizes across the globe.

Luran S acrylonitrile styrene acrylate (ASA) polymers feature high surface quality and good impact strength including enhanced colour fastness and deliver superior long-term performance when exposed to UV irradiation and heat. The polymers also have excellent chemical resistance. For these reasons, Luran S is regarded as the material of choice for exterior applications. To strengthen its position as the benchmark styrenic polymer for weather resistance, Luran S “SPF 30” was launched, offering state-of-the-art UV stabilisation.

Luran S has a reputation today for being the material of choice for front grills and in particular for the “hot stamping” technology allowing for special aesthetic effects. “Hot stamping” can be considered to be a good example for “Design4Recycling” since it does not require any additional treatment of the material like painting or any other chemical processing.

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