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Decorative exterior door application with real chrome effect for Renault

Decorative exterior parts contributing to the signature of a car and the related brand recently became more relevant in the automotive industry. Renault has decided for an embellishing application with real chrome effect on the door of the Kadjar and other models.

Long-lasting cooperation with Renault and SRG Global™

When selecting the best material for this purpose, Renault and SRG Global decided for INEOS Styrolution’s Novodur P2MC, which is tailor-made for this application:

  • Novodur P2MC is the ideal resin for the electroplating decorative process and it is optimized for excellent adhesion of the chromium layer.
  • It provides a high flowability, which makes it suitable for long and demanding molding parts.
  • Novodur P2MC has a long track record for high quality and low reject rates with plated exterior automotive applications.
  • The material provides a good balance across flow and impact performance.
  • Weight reduction compared to the use of real metal.

Christophe Ginss“We are very pleased about a positive long-term relationship with Renault and SRG Global. We have worked with both from the initial stage of this project and were able to help select the right solution very early in the process. We are always excited to work closely with our customers and partners to come up with the best solution.”
Christophe Ginss, Sales Director Automotive EMEA with global coordination role, INEOS Styrolution