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TERBLEND® N as solution for customized control panel housing

Two premium agricultural utility vehicle manufacturers turned to INEOS Styrolution for a material solution for control panels as an equipment variant in their machinery. The user-friendly handling as well as a high matte quality surface and excellent haptics were important requirements.

Material of choice for a matte surface finish

INEOS Styrolution’s Terblend N product line is comprised of blends of ABS with polyamide. They are especially suitable for customers looking for a matte surface finish that does not require painting, and therefore is a cost-effective solution for automotive interiors.

For the requested control panels, the Terblend N NG-02EF grade was identified as particularly suitable. It is an 8% glass fiber reinforced UV-stabilized ABS/PA blend with enhanced dimensional stability, rigidity and high flowability. Glass-fiber reinforced grades such as Terblend N NG-02EF exhibit lower shrinkage and, as a result, higher dimensional stability. Despite the glass fiber percentage, it offers a high quality surface with matte appearance and excellent haptics. In addition, Terblend N NG-02EF has a very low moisture absorbance in comparison to polyamide. The solution of one of the two manufacturers consists of a second component containing a certain amount of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer).

Christophe Ginss“Apart from control panels, Terblend N NG-02EF is used for many automotive interior applications, for instance, for defrost vents. Other blends of INEOS Styrolution’s Terblend N are used for applications like loudspeaker grills, seat covers, or venting devices, depending on the respective requirements,”
Christophe Ginss, Sales Director Automotive with global coordination role, INEOS Styrolution